Amphibious Excavator

If you are looking for a productive equipment, fuel efficient, easy to operate, EXA Amphibious Excavator is equipment what you need.
EXA Amphibious Excavator Have 8 Models (EXA60, EXA80, EXA140, EXA200, EXA250, EXA300, EXA350, EXA400)

EXA amphibious excavator is specifically designed to maneuver in marshy, swampy area and soft terrain, and it can also float on water as and added safety feature.

EXA AMPHIBIOIUS EXCAVATOR undercarriage pontoons including two pieces of pontoons (left & right), one mounting frame and two pieces of connection beams.

pindad Excava200

These standard pontoons can be connected with any type of upper structure, such as Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, Kobelco, etc.


  1. Suitable for working in water which depth 3-5 m
  2. It’s very save with great balance and big buoyance
  3. Spuds can be operated automatically by the hydraulic system.